As Huta Teknik, we have made and continue to make the necessary investments in order to manufacture machinery and machine spare parts in the highest quality in order to bring together technology with our machining experience that we have gained for more than 30 years.
we do.

Huta Teknik carries out its production activities at the highest quality standards. With years of experience and experience, we have made it a principle to achieve high quality standards even in the most sensitive works. Our company, which operates in various sectors, provides spare parts to Demir
It stands out in the steel, construction and energy sectors,

Quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction with our professional and experienced team
We provide these services perfectly with our satisfaction-oriented working principle.
We offer.

our vision

By blending our knowledge and experience with technology, we produce machinery and equipment that are superior to the quality and expectations of our customers.

Our Mission

We will ensure 100% customer satisfaction in all the works we produce.
To reach the peak in quality and to be a brand that is shown as a reference in its region, especially in terms of quality.